[CentOS] how to create an mpeg4 mimetype (OT)

Dennis McLeod dmcleod at foranyauto.com
Wed Jul 2 18:40:20 UTC 2008

How are your friends and family going to play an MPEG4 file?
XP WMP11 won't play one without some codecs installed (For instance).
I usually install VLC on XP boxes.
What you could do is embed a player in the webpage (ala youtube), and then
they won't have to figure it out.
You will likely want to convert to .flv files. 
I posted a command line script to use ffmpeg a few days ago.
You then need to get a player embedded.
Easy task, I use:

You can see some of ours here:


Some of those are very large, even though they've been converted to flv's...

(FWIW, the flv files and player are stored on Amazon's S3 service, the
website itself is hosted elswhere. We just created the file structure, and
call the player and playlist on the webpage. They (the hosting company)
wanted 600.00 per month to do this for us. Our bill from Amazon last month
was $3.05


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> Hi All,
> I think this may be off topic, but since it's through centos 
> 5.2, I'm not sure.
> Here is what I would like to do:
> I have created a web page for family to log into and view 
> clips of my new niece.  My camera saves these clips in mpeg4 
> format.  What I would like to do is have the web clients 
> click on the link and have either the clip pop up a save 
> dialog or even better, start playing the clip.  Right now if 
> the link is clicked it starts downloading right away but the 
> file looks like gibberish. I guess what I am seeing is the raw code.
> I think it's a mimetype thing but I'm not sure and if it is, 
> how would I create the mimetype entry to do what I would like?
> Thanks in advance for any and all information received.
> Phil
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