[CentOS] Windows to linux migration [PassSync.msi for 64 bit windows2003 ]

lingu hicheerup at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 20:24:02 UTC 2008


 I am trying to migrate from windows to linux. For that i am integrating
existing windows 2003 R2 64 BIT standard edition running ADS  with Redhat
Directory Server 8.0 runnning on CENTOS5  for user/group and password sync.I
followed the step given in centos wiki and i sucessfully synced the users
but password sync is not happening.In passync log its telling* "unable to
load password entries from file"

 Since i am using 64 bit windows edition but rhds8.0 is running on 32 bit
edition.May be the passSync.msi comes along with 32bit edition works only
with 32 bit windows or if any 64 bit version of PassSync.msi is
available.Plz help me this is very urgent for me.

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