[CentOS] PPPoE setup

Robert Moskowitz rgm at htt-consult.com
Wed Jul 2 21:09:51 UTC 2008

My provider is getting ready to switch my DSL router to bridging mode 
and I supply the router (so I can get no only IPv4 addresses but also 
IPv6 addresses!).

Here are his 'instructions' to me:

"Basically you start pppoe, I give you the username and password for it,
and then I set the router to passthrough modem mode, and you initiate
the PPPoE session directly with my LNS back here. You'll get a dynamic
IP on the dsl side (which is normal) and then you just set up your
static routes in the linux box as normal. My LNS automatically routes
your traffic to the IP it randomly assigns to the DSL link. Once we
verify that IP6CP is up, I can assign you a /48 and you can rock out
with that however you want."

Currently I have a /26 IPv4 assignment which will continue.

So do I change the alias in modprobe.conf from eth0 to ppp0?  Or is just 
listing interface eth0 in hte pppoe.conf file enough?

 From my ISP's comments, the pppoe negotiation will provide the address 
for eth0.  I already know my /26 allocation.  I need to set up static 
routes on eth1 for these IPv4 addresses (different subnets to different 
internal firewalls).  What tool do I use to set these?

And then I get to work with IPv6!

Pointers to Howtos are greatly appreciated.

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