[CentOS] Centos 5.2 upgrade - urlopen error unknown url type: media

Robert Moskowitz rgm at htt-consult.com
Thu Jul 3 16:26:01 UTC 2008

Kai Schaetzl wrote:
> Robert Moskowitz wrote on Thu, 3 Jul 2008 10:49:47 -0400:
>> I should also mention that right now, I have a fresh install foranother 
>> system running off this repo.
> Then, as Toby says, there might be something wrong with your local 
> yum/repo config. If I recall right you have a few (5.1, 5.2) repos "flying 
> around" and also installed from DVD in the past, so, you may simply be 
> using the wrong Base.repo file or the wrong line in it.
http access log on my repo server says otherwise.

Yes, I have lots of installs, updates, and upgrades running here.  Lots 
to bring up to snuff.  And a hand full of problems.

This system was my workhorse from the start of 5.0 until back in 
January.  So it has rpms from all over I suspect there is something 
there that is causing this.

Oh, I have run yum -d 5 -e 1 --noplugins

and this does not help or show where things are wrong.

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