[CentOS] How do I check the real size of a filesystem?

Kevin Thorpe kevin at pricetrak.com
Fri Jul 4 14:29:40 UTC 2008

> > > Kevin Thorpe wrote:
> > > > I'm having a spot of bother with a large (900GB) 
> partition. fdisk 
> > > > claims it's 900GB. I made an ext3 fs on it and df says it's
> > only
> > > > 94GB. Which is correct? Or did I do something wrong?

> > parted claims it's 879GB so the partition appears to be ok. Have I 
> > managed to format a small filesystem on a large partition?
> I suggest running e2fsck -n. See the man page. Then, think of 
> the -m parameter. The default, IIRC, is 5%. On small drives 
> of the past this was appropriate. Now, I make most of mine with 1%.
> 900GB * .05 = appx. 45GB. There's your loss.

I'm not bothered about an odd 45GB, it's that df says it's only 94GB
in total that worries me.

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