[CentOS] Message size rejected

Mark Weaver mdw1982 at mdw1982.com
Fri Jul 4 16:45:33 UTC 2008

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Thursday 03 July 2008 23:05:19 nate wrote:
>> Anne Wilson wrote:
>>> So 'size_limit' is what I'm looking for.  Thanks everyone.  Now comes the
>>> really hard bit.  I have to tell her, blindfolded, how to tell the size
>>> of the message she is sending.  She uses btinternet's yahoo mailer, and I
>>> haven't a clue what she can see there.  :-)
>> Don't forget to account for encoding overhead, which can be up to 30%
>> (maybe more).
> That's the bit I thought I'd have to guess.  Thanks for the estimate.
> Anne
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why not setup a vsFTPd account for her to upload to? much easier to deal 
with and can be chroot'd, and used by others as well. files go directly 
to file system as opposed to having to be processed by MTA. When clients 
ask me this same kind of question I generally tell them there's a lot of 
good reasons why the internet standard for a 5MB attachment limit, and 
if folks need to send files larger than that, then FTP services are 
better suited for such things.


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