[CentOS] mkdep vs. makedepend

Stephen Harris lists at spuddy.org
Sat Jul 5 00:00:19 UTC 2008

> One of my assignments is to bring this up to CentOS, but on my first
> effort, I ran into this interesting "feature."  The original build
> process (FC1) uses mkdep to generate the dependency files that are

My FC2 system doesn't have a mkdep command.

> Can someone enlighten me on this, particularly w.r.t. 1) how do I use
> makedepend to generate the same files mkdep did and is this a good
> idea (my impression is that it's not really that hard but also not

If you require a non-standard tool (I've really wouldn't depend
on this!  Even makedepend is in the X package on FC2) then you should
bundle it as part of your build process.  



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