[CentOS] Re: Message size rejected

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Sun Jul 6 18:16:57 UTC 2008

On Sunday 06 July 2008 17:26:05 Scott Silva wrote:
> That is one of the biggest of my beefs about windows. It allows any
> computer noob to shoot themselves in the foot very easily. That can be a
> plus or a negative. The biggest negative is that there are now millions of
> computers on the internet that have run out on their free 2 months of virus
> scanner updates, and are now owned by someones bot network, while the
> clueless user keeps plugging along wondering why the darn machine is so
> slow.
> I guess the positive is that it is easy for Grandma and Grandpa on the
> other side of the country to get pics of the grandkids.
> I just wish that PC manufacturers would just contract with one of the free
> virus scanner companies like Grisoft, instead of putting in Norton with a
> 60 day cripple point. Most users will just ignore the update message until
> it stops because they don't know it is really necessary software. A free
> virus scanner with updates will beat a heave commercial soft with no
> updates anytime.

I fail to see what any of this has to do with my question.  As it happens she 
is not a computer newbie and she has had an AV contract since the Win3.1 
days.  However, that's totally irrelevant.  She simply hadn't realised just 
how big a pdf with two large graphics and embedded fonts would be.


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