[CentOS] Re: Problem with Bonding Driver

Dirk H. Schulz dirk.schulz at kinzesberg.de
Mon Jul 7 04:52:19 UTC 2008


--On 5. Juli 2008 09:45:16 -0700 Art Age Software <artagesw at gmail.com> 

>>> Hi,
>>> could you describe in more detail?
>>> What exactly is ignored? The options do not look much different.
> As I said, I am trying to set a different primary interface for each
> bond: eth0 for bond0, and eth2 for bond1.

Does the second bonding interface have no primary interface, then? What 
exactly happens?

>>> Did you try without renaming? I do not use it, but it works nonetheless:
>>> alias bond0 bonding
>>> options bond0 mode=2
>>> alias bond1 bonding
>>> options bond1 mode=2
> You are setting identical options for both bonds. This masks the fact
> that your second options line is ignored and essentially does nothing.
> Try changing an option on bond1 (eg. set a different mode or a
> different miimon value), and I think you will see that it is ignored.

I had tested different setups during conception phase and had different 


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