[CentOS] how do I find out which nameserver returns a DNS query?

Ken Price kprice at nowyouknow.net
Mon Jul 7 15:30:49 UTC 2008

DIG tells you which server returned the results.  Look for the SERVER  
line, should be third from the bottom.  If you want to query specific  
nameservers directly, use dig like this:

dig @ns1.myserver domainname.com
dig @ns2.myserver domainname.com

etc, etc.


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> Hi all
> If I do a "dig mydomain.co.za" from a Linux server, how do I know which
> DNS nameserver returns the queries?
> I seem to have a faulty DNS server, but can't see which one, so I want
> to find out which nameserver (if there's 4 - ns1.myserver,
> ns2.myserver, ns3.myserver & ns4.myserver) returns the queries?
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