[CentOS] Re: Problems with bind on 5.2

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Tue Jul 8 23:48:50 UTC 2008

on 7-8-2008 1:34 PM Scott Silva spake the following:
> on 7-8-2008 9:58 AM Robert - elists spake the following:
>>> I'm having some trouble getting reverse zones right on 5.2. The zone 
>>> files
>>> worked fine on a CentOS 4.6 machine, and the forward zones moved to the
>>> new
>>> server seem OK. But for some reason I can't get anything but 
>>> servfail's on
>>> remote queries to the machine. But for some reason they will answer fine
>>> if I
>>> run "host ip.ad.dr.ess" on the local machine. I stopped the firewall to
>>> help
>>> debug this, but it still fails.
>>> Bind is listening on all the machines ip addresses.
>> Anything at all in the logs when you stop and start bind, or otherwise ?
>>  - rh
> Just a refused notify request on a different domain. Otherwise bind is 
> listening on all interfaces.
This is strange, because if I run "host" on the local server 
it resolves fine, but the outside world can't see it. But I can run host on 
the domain name and it answers fine. I see new bind patches going to the 
mirrors, I'll see what happens. I'll also try a reboot in case something is 
stopping bind from actually passing traffic on that interface properly.

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