[CentOS] OT: anything in CentOS 5.2 that uses opendns.com when browsing web?

Bill Campbell centos at celestial.com
Wed Jul 9 00:21:59 UTC 2008

On Tue, Jul 08, 2008, Lanny Marcus wrote:
>I believe this is completely OT, but I want to be positive. I have a fully
>up to date CentOS 5.2 box. During the past week, when surfing with Firefox
>(and today, while testing with Konqueror), frequently, especially when DNS
>is slow,  I am seeing references to opendns.com  At times, I end up on
>opendns.com web pages, instead of at the web site I'm trying to get to.  My
>ISP, the phone company, claims this is not coming from their end and that
>they are not using opendns.com. I was told they have two (2) DNS servers. I
>haven't changed anything in my IPCop Firewall/Router box and my belief is
>that this is coming from my ISP or upstream from there. . If using
>opendns.com  is something new in CentOS 5.2, please let me know. TIA.

I would suggest that you set up your own caching dns server, and don't
depend on your ISP's.

We use dnscache from djbdns, avoiding BIND (Buggy Internet Name Daemon).

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