[CentOS] OT: anything in CentOS 5.2 that uses opendns.com when browsing web?

Ross Cavanagh ross-cavanagh at bm-sms.co.jp
Wed Jul 9 01:00:03 UTC 2008

Lanny Marcus wrote:
> Interesting idea! I will read the IPCop documentation, to see if I can 
> do that on my IPCop box.
> If not, I'm interested in SME Server, if that will do the job. What I 
> don't like about SME Server is that their documentation isn't 
> available for download. I like to have local documentation on my hard 
> drive. My strong belief is that this is coming from my ISP, but they 
> claim I'm the only one with this problem. I can't imagine that it 
> would be coming from the OS and nothing has changed in my IPCop box. 
> ISP's like to claim that  problems are on the users end, rather than 
> on their end. Once or twice, I've pointed out a problem to a previous 
> ISP, been told there was no problem, and then later, they tell me that 
> yes, they had a problem.... The phone company is the best ISP I have 
> had, so far, and they seem to be "pro active" and usually they fix 
> problems, without me calling them, which I truly appreciate and respect.
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As for the SME documentation, you can select to view as one page [the 
option is at the bottom of the page when you are browse to the specific 


Then, you can print it to PDF if you want.


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