[CentOS] Bind update overwrites named.conf

Chris Miller centos at scratchspace.com
Wed Jul 9 15:42:12 UTC 2008

I just had a customer's bind server lose all of it's local DNS 
records. Yum updated the bind packages this morning at ~6am, and 
replaced the original /etc/named.conf file, saving the old as 
named.conf.rpmsave. This seems like the opposite of what it should 
have done (i.e. save the new file as named.conf.rpmnew). There does 
not appear to be any difference between the originally shipped conf 
file and the new one, suggesting that the file should not have been 
replaced at all. Just wanted to through this out there in hopes it 
helps someone else before the phone starts ringing...

CentOS release 4.6 (Final)
Jul 09 05:59:25 Updated: bind-devel.i386 20:9.2.4-28.0.1.el4
Jul 09 05:59:29 Updated: bind-chroot.i386 20:9.2.4-28.0.1.el4


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