[CentOS] XEN virtualization Problem

Gopinath Achari gopinath at signal-networks.com
Fri Jul 11 06:03:59 UTC 2008


		I am trying to install windows XP on XEN. The Base operating system is
Centos 5.1 I used GUI tool Virtual Manager.

Once this Virtual manager is started is connected the XEN and QEMU.

i used new tab placed below to install a virtual OS ( ex. Winxp.)
 after passing through the wizard. i wizard option for the partition a
created a new 10 GB partition my case /dev/hda8 and then it asked the
location where the os image was kept.i created a .iso image using dd
command. then i specified the path where this iso image was kept in the
wizard. then i told next and then finish button . it opened one more
window and the installation of WinXP started. after some time it asked
for reboot and it rebooted then it is asking for Winxp OS cd. i inserted
into the DVD RW drive i mounted it but still its asking the same. please
help me out what to do. is there any addition packages to be installed
for recognizing the Cdrom or any other thing to be done. please guide


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