[CentOS] yum-updatesd not working on CentOS 5.2

John Horne john.horne at plymouth.ac.uk
Fri Jul 11 16:42:57 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-07-08 at 12:12 +0200, Santi Saez wrote:
> So, appears that yum-updatesd can download, notify and install  
> updates.. but none of this works on a fresh CentOS 5.2 :-(
> I will try yum-cron.. but I'm also interested in testing yum- 
> updatesd, none is using it? there's no patch to solve this? Thanks..

We use yum-updatesd on CentOS 5.1, 5.2 and Fedora systems. I have to
admit that I have a 5.1 server sitting here telling me that it has a
whole load of patches to install (the 5.2 updates), and I just didn't
associate it with yum-updatesd not installing them. Like you we have
configured yum-updatesd to do automatic installs, although we exclude
things like the kernel for manual updating.

Anyway. I've currently set yum-updatesd to do a check every 15mins (900
seconds) on one server. I'll look and see if there is anything obvious
as to why it doesn't do the updates.

I could see nothing about this on the RedHat bugzilla (no bugs reported
for yum-updatesd at all under Fedora 9). I may test that tonight at


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