[CentOS] Re: Is there a FC8 update repo out there?

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Fri Jul 11 23:22:58 UTC 2008

on 7-11-2008 10:13 AM Robert Moskowitz spake the following:
> Ray Van Dolson wrote:
>>> How do I find out if Python 2.4.3 contains abi?
>> I'm not sure what you're asking.  Python's ABI version would be 2.4.3,
>> but if you're referring to a module 'abi', I don't think one exists?
>> You can always fire up python and type 'import <modulename>' to see if
>> that module exists.
> Well no such module exists in either 2.4.3 or 2.5.1, so what is being 
> complained about in the yum install below? Only that python v2.5 is 
> needed? (I have been trying to get my colleague to either set me up to 
> compile the source or for him to build a Centos host to do it himself).
> BTW, if you are interested, this is the hipl implementation of the HIP 
> protocol.
ABI is the Application Binary Interface. It is not a module.
See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Application_binary_interface

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