[CentOS] apt vrs yum ?

Johnny Hughes jhughes at hughesjr.com
Sat Jul 12 01:53:47 UTC 2008

Robert - elists wrote:
> I was checking out Dag's ( not dagw ;-> ) new blog...
> I don't know how much, if at all, this has been debated...
> http://dag.wieers.com/blog/using-apt-in-an-rpm-world
> if he is so adamant about apt over yum, why are we using yum still?
> Laziness?  ;-) ...or are we just tasty food centric?
> Yum yum yum !!!
>  - rh

The real answer is this ... upstream uses yum.

Dag does like apt better than yum, and there are some things apt does 
better than yum.  However, I really don't think Red Hat will ever shift 
from yum to apt, certainly not in the foreseeable future.

Newer yum things are happening in fedora, and it looks like RHEL6 will 
also have yum, so we will continue supporting yum.

If you want to use apt (or red carpet, or yast, or <put_your_app_here> 
then if it works for you, great.

However, yum is the supported way to get updates.

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