[CentOS] Kernel Upgrade and RAID Card

Johnny Hughes jhughes at hughesjr.com
Sun Jul 13 19:07:39 UTC 2008

Ryan Nichols wrote:
> Ok, I've got a RocketRAID 2300 and when i do the update of the kernel it 
> breaks the raid card since the OS is on the raid card itself, i need to 
> install the driver into the new kernel.. Whats the best way to do this? 
> I am reading the manual from the manufacter, but i dont see anything as 
> to a new kernel upgrade.

If the kernel module is built from an external driver, you can just copy 
it to it's place in the new kernel path and then run the command:

depmod -a <version>

also need to rerun mkinitd like this:

mkinitrd /boot/initrd-<version>.img <version>

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