[CentOS] Kernel Upgrade and RAID Card

Ryan Nichols rnichols430 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 13 19:30:19 UTC 2008

Johnny Hughes wrote:
> Ryan Nichols wrote:
>> Ok, I've got a RocketRAID 2300 and when i do the update of the kernel 
>> it breaks the raid card since the OS is on the raid card itself, i 
>> need to install the driver into the new kernel.. Whats the best way 
>> to do this? I am reading the manual from the manufacter, but i dont 
>> see anything as to a new kernel upgrade.
> If the kernel module is built from an external driver, you can just 
> copy it to it's place in the new kernel path and then run the command:
> depmod -a <version>
> also need to rerun mkinitd like this:
> mkinitrd /boot/initrd-<version>.img <version>
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Ok, I used -f to get around that.. but now it hates my raid controller 
and is throwing all kinds of errors...

Ryan Nichols

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