[CentOS] Re: Problem with Bonding Driver

nate centos at linuxpowered.net
Sun Jul 13 22:26:37 UTC 2008

Art Age Software wrote:

> Yes, indeed. I have successfully changed both the primary interface
> and the miimon value **while the interface is up** by directly writing
> to the /sys/class/net/bondX/bonding/{Key} files. Changing the bonding
> mode is not allowed while the interface is up (probably a good thing).

Out of curiosity only, why do you care which is the primary interface?
I have been using bonding for several years now and it's never
concerned me. I have a pair of switches(active-active) that the
system(s) are plugged into, and it doesn't matter which link or which
switch they use, they'll always have connectivity. The switches themselves
have two pairs of active/passive uplinks to the "core" switches, as well.
If one of those links were to fail the core switches fail over, providing
maximum bandwidth and availability.

I can see the need for different bonding methods, though to-date for
me at least I've only used active-passive in linux. I do use active-active
(usually 4 links going to two different switches) in VMWare ESX.


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