[CentOS] Kernel Upgrade and RAID Card

nate centos at linuxpowered.net
Sun Jul 13 22:29:34 UTC 2008

Ryan Nichols wrote:

> We're trying to get support from a 3rd party software we use and they
> are insiting we goto the current versions of everything for there
> software before they'll move forward on the support.

In that case I would reproduce the problem on another system
that doesn't have the strange RAID controller, and on the most
up to date software. If you can troubleshoot it there, get the fix
and apply it to the system they won't "support".

It seems pretty common with folks and Red Hat /CentOS. They buy
red hat for a few high value target systems, and get support on
them and use CentOS for the rest, or some other RHEL offshoot.
If they have a problem on CentOS they repro it on RHEL and if
they can they can get a fix from Red Hat.

Not the most honest thing to do in my opinion but it is an option
in many cases.


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