[CentOS] Hardware Compatibility List (looking for a gigabit nic on RHEL4)

Rainer Duffner rainer at ultra-secure.de
Mon Jul 14 07:57:25 UTC 2008

John R Pierce schrieb:
> Jason Pyeron wrote:
>> Where should I start on my quest to find gigabit ethernet cards for 
>> all our
>> workstations?
> Intel pro1000 cards or onboard chips. 

I'm not sure if RHEL4 has support for the latest Intel Pro 1000 cards - 
though Intel cards are definitely recommended. Just make sure the kernel 
knows about the chipset. Buying cards one or two revisions behind the 
current model via ebay can also yield some nice savings.
FreeBSD lists the supported chipsets in the man-page of the driver:

I'm not sure if people at RedHat (or people writing drivers for the 
linux-kernel in general) actually know how to write a man-page - but I'm 
sure this information is somewhere in the kernel-documentation - or in 
the driver source...
Do your workstations have PCIe or PCI-X slots?


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