[CentOS] Package question

Dag Wieers dag at centos.org
Mon Jul 14 21:55:01 UTC 2008

On Mon, 14 Jul 2008, Hywel Richards wrote:

> Bo Lynch wrote:
>> I am trying to install phpBB forum on version 5.2. It requires that I have
>> imagemagick and gd graphics support. What rpm packages provide these. I
>> have tried a yum install ImageMagicK with yum responding nothing todo. Is
>> imageMagicK not available with 5.2? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> I think you just need to change the capital K at the end to a small k.
> Try:
> yum install ImageMagick
> It looks like it is in the base repository:
> =============================================================================
> Package                 Arch       Version          Repository        Size
> =============================================================================
> Installing:
> ImageMagick             i386  base              3.3 M

Oh, the joy of having spend countless of hours in the past to make the 
Fedora project understand that we are better off with lowercase package 

But no, they prefer whatever wicked idea pops into upstream's head. And 
even then have a hard time being consistent. Sigh...

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