[CentOS] question regarding mx servers with same priority

fabian dacunha fabian at baladia.gov.kw
Tue Jul 15 21:49:02 UTC 2008

Dear ALL

I have the following setup running good for quite sometime and i wd really
apprecite if someone wd help or give some suggestions

centos 5.1
dns server

now recently our mail usage has increased considerably and moreover Mails
have become a utmost top priority

i have 2 options now

1) have a backup server with lower higher MX

i tested this setup n had some queries earlier n thanks to guys like scott
for some prfect advise i did manage to check it out n it works beautiful

2) have another server with same value of MX so it cd load balance and
also doc says if one server is down or unavaliable the oher server would
receive mail

now my query is ... if i now configure a second mail server with same MX
priority .

a) do i have to create all the existing user accounts on my existing email
server to this new server
cause i already hav about 300+ email users already

b) incase my first email server fails are the emails on the first server lost

c) alos apprecite if someone can help me with any links or docs for the
above setup

apprecite and really thnks in advance


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