[CentOS] Re: Bonding and Xen

Victor Padro vpadro at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 21:46:58 UTC 2008

>>  How fast is your incoming connection? If you have a data line from the
> outside world that can saturate a 100 Mbit network card, you can afford new
> cards.
We got 2 T1 and 3 ADSL 4mbps lines we're not too worry about the incoming
connections, because most of the traffic it's generated inside, we cannot
afford changing the whole network structure, that will be changing cisco
10/100mbps switches, routers, nics, wiring infrastructure(we're on Cat5),
maybe some server Nics and the boss way of seeing things (the hardest part I
It WAS a really sucess that the test lab to be approved you know...  :)

We have like 200 actively users that generates mails, web based reports,
Siebel access, etc.
We have had certain bottlenecks on the mailgateways and in the sugarcrm
domU's, that's why I am trying to figure it out how to use bonding or even
using one dedicated nic for mailgateway, crm, and so on, but we're limited
to 3-4 nics per machine.

Any Idea?

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