[CentOS] Bonding and Xen

Victor Padro vpadro at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 22:34:20 UTC 2008

> I have not used bonding with xen, but once you have a bonded interface in
> the
> Dom0 it should be trivial.  setup your bonded interface as usual, then in
> /etc/xend-config.sxp where it says (network-script network-bridge)
> set it to
> (network-script 'network-bridge netdev=bond0')
> it should just work.

Somewhere I read that a while ago...will make notes about that, thank you.

100Mbps is a whole lot of bandwidth for a webserver unless you are serving
> video or large file downloads or something. 100Mbps is enough to choke a
> very powerful mailserver, nevermind exchange.

Webservers are used to upload video and audio conferences and even stream
them across the LAN and access SugarCRM to download/view reports, etc.
If we use only one M$ exchange server sometimes gets bottlenecked with all
those kinds of mails sent. avi's mpeg's videos, wav's, mp3's, excel and
powerpoint docs, etc.
But we have 2 backups that can handle all just fine, so we're trying to
replace them with a Xen cluster based on Centos and postfix.

> I suspect that if you are using windows on Xen, disk and network I/O to and
> from the windows DomU will be a bigger problem than network speeds.  Are
> you using the paravirtualized windows drivers?  without them, network and
> disk IO is going to feel pretty slow in windows, no matter how fast the
> actual network or disk is.

We're not using windows under Xen, we're trying to get rid of M$(reducing
licensing fees mostly).
We use CentOS for SugarCRM and Debian for DNS, but want to use CentOS for
everything if we could.

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