[CentOS] Bonding and Xen

Lars Schelde l.schelde at tum.de
Wed Jul 16 14:51:32 UTC 2008

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> > We're not using windows under Xen, we're trying to get rid of
> > licensing fees mostly).
> Pray tell, what are you replacing Exchange with?  My end users are
> on Exchange for calendaring but organization is becoming more and more
> MS and it won't be long before they decide enough is enough, especially
> being that some savvy users refused to upgrade to Vista and are now using
> CentOS as their preferred desktop.  These savvy users are software
> developers who were previously using XP and multiple PuTTY sessions to get
> the job done!

I am currently testing Sun Java Communications Suite 5 on Centos 5.2
which seems to be a good alternative for Exchange. There is a free Outlook
and the documentation is very good.
Its free, if you don't need technical support.


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