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Hi all,


I am trying to setup a high-availablility cluster using CentOS 5.2.  All
packages are currently up2date using yum.


I would like to use it for automatic failover of Xen virtualized servers
eventually.  Right now I am just trying to create a new cluster with   2
Dell PowerEdge 1950 nodes.  I have a separate luci server.  One of the
nodes connects just fine and the other one is hanging.  On each node, a
clustat displays that both nodes are online.  I don't have anything else
configured past the "Create a Cluster" page (ie. fencing, services,
share resources).  


On the luci server, I keep getting the following error:

"Unable to retrieve batch 640093076 status from hostname:11111: module
scheduled for execution"


Does anyone know what could be causing this.  


Port 11111 is open to all tcp on both nodes and I show an established
connection with the node using netstat -antulp.


For right now, the xend service is turned off on both nodes.

Thanks in advance.


Denise Lopez

UCLA - Center for Digital Humanities

Network Services

Linux Systems Engineer

337 Charles E. Young Drive East

PPB 1020

Los Angeles, CA 90095-1499




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