[CentOS] Q about CentOS-4

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Thu Jul 17 13:56:38 UTC 2008

Craig White wrote:
> I have a client with a server on CentOS-4 and I'm looking to upgrade to
> latest horde/imp/etc.
> clearly php 4.3.9-xx is not up to the task but I see that upgrades for
> php & mysql are in CentOS-Plus
> I see that CentOS-4 projects to get security updates until 3/2012 which
> probably is the usefulness of the hardware itself.
> So my questions...
> - Will CentOS-Plus maintain the php/mysql packages until then?

Yes ... the RHWAS will be supported until then and we will use whatever 
is in there in plus (except that mysql is a bit newer ... whatever is 
the latest mysql enterprise release).

> - The upgrade to mysql-5...do I have to nuke the db and reload from
> backup or is there a possibility that the upgrade and subsequent restart
> of mysql will update the database stuff itself (of course I'm gonna do a
> complete dump of mysql data before attempting)?

There is a section to upgrade and it mostly works OK:


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