[CentOS] Getting printer to work under 5.2

Donald Buchan malak at pobox.com
Thu Jul 17 23:48:17 UTC 2008

Yes on both counts.  That's where I was dealing with the parts about the
one-dependancy-mentionned-at-a-time part.  No luck, hence the reason for
uninstalling it and reverting to the yum repository.

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> On Thursday 17 July 2008 04:04, Donald Buchan wrote:
> > I have a standard hplip install on my 5.2 box installed from the repos
> > (it originally was installed from the 5.1 disks and followed any upgrade
> > that may have occured in the transition to 5.2). My printer is a HP
> > Deskjet F4180 connecting via USB.
> Did you run hp-setup (as root, of course)?
> Anne

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