[CentOS] bcm43xx CentOS5

Michael Simpson mikie.simpson at gmail.com
Fri Jul 18 12:23:11 UTC 2008

> I have other wireless devices using the same AP with no problems, and
> the same laptop performs well when booted into Windows, so this
> appears to be a problem with the bcm43xx drivers.  I keep hoping that
> each kernel update will improve the situation, but so far in vain.

b43 is great with the 4.x drivers from openwrt in 2.6.24+ on fedora.
however i did more tinkering yesterday.
Turns out the problem is with my isp - sometimes i hate being in the uk.
Tried ssh -Y on another local machine with different public ip address
and had the same problem
so it isn't the laptop.
i then set up an instance of CentOS5 on amazon's ec2 service (love that btw)
i then ssh -Y firefox using that instead
Even with the trans-atlantic roundtrip and through the
encryption/decryption it was nice and responsive compared to a local
Partner now happy as she can browse next store online without getting upset.

Time to change providers, thinking of zen adsl or andrews and arnold.

wpa_supplicant seems to work well for me using WPA2-personal

sorry for the noise


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