[CentOS] Yum strangeness

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Fri Jul 18 15:55:38 UTC 2008

Lorenzo Quatrini wrote:
> William L. Maltby ha scritto:
>> And look at using the yum priorities plugin so you can safely mix repos.
> I have one question about this:
> Which is the "safest" setup for priorities?
> base, update and extras: priority=1
> ATrpms (which should not replace _any_ base package): priority=10
> rpmforge (which could have some base package updated): priority=20
> EPEL: priority=30
> and so on with other repos...
> Does this look reasonable?

that looks OK ... the other affect of this is that ATrpms have 
precedence over rpmforge, which has precedence over EPEL, etc.

So, if that is the precedence you want then that is the way to go.

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