[CentOS] configuration request

Sam Drinkard sam at wa4phy.net
Fri Jul 18 18:56:30 UTC 2008

I've apparently gotten myself into somewhat of a bind.  I've been trying 
to exclude various packages from the different repos, and while I 
*think* I've gotten a working configuration again, it it still pulling 
stuff in that I have excluded I think in the right repos, but things I 
have no use for whatsoever.  Items like kernel-hugemem-devel, 
kernel-hugemem, and anything involving kernel development.  I run a 
stock kernel and am not doing any building of any kind at this point.  
The machine is an i-686 machine, and a single processor.  I'd be very 
much appreciative if someone could send me,, or post a proper repo 
config that points to the various exclude lines to get rid of some of 
the unnecessary files.  It's taken me about 2 hours of modifying stuff 
to finally get a yum repo config to make it all the way thru.

Any type of help here would be great!

Thanking you in advance,


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