[CentOS] Cannot boot from DVD on an Intel Svr to install CentOS 5.2

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Sat Jul 19 09:55:02 UTC 2008

saltorres at lvcoxmail.com wrote:
> Hi, I'm new to CentOS and I want to install CentOS 5.2 on an intel computer to use it as a server.
> I downloaded the CentOS 5.2 DVD iso i386 and did the md5sum, burned the DVD and everything was Ok but when I try to boot the server with the DVD, it simply does nto boot, like if nothing were in the DVD drive. I tried with a Vista DVD and it boots. It can even boot from the LiveCD.
> Have anybody seen this behavior and how to solve it?
> I'm using Free Create/Burn ISO from NBXSOFT and I believe this is not the problem because with this software I created the LiveCD. 
> I'm working on a Vista Ultimate computer to download, checksum and burn the DVD.

Does the DVD boot on your Vista machine.  You can power off the machine 
any time before you pick to format the drives without changing anything.

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