[CentOS] Load Average ~0.40 when idle

Mark Pryor tlviewer at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 19 23:04:17 UTC 2008

> Replying to my own post as a follow-up. I just checked
> another machine that
> I am burning in with CentOS 5.2, and it has the same
> problem: load average
> ~0.4 when idle. Both of these machines have Supermicro
> X7DBN motherboards,
> but one is running a single quad-core CPU (Intel Xeon) and
> the other is
> running two dual-core CPUs (Intel Xeon). Anyone else seeing
> anything like
> this?

Do you have hyper-threading turned on in the bios?
What shows in 
cat /proc/cpuinfo

do you have 2 virtual CPU's per core?

I would be bet that performance improves by turning hyper-threading off.



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