[CentOS] sticky folder permissions

Bowie Bailey Bowie_Bailey at BUC.com
Tue Jul 22 15:56:05 UTC 2008

Tom Brown wrote:
> > What are the applications? What is the directory structure? Is the
> > permission problem on a directory or a file? What user account owns
> > the application process? Is the app un-doing your manual permission
> > changes on existing files and directories, or just not granting
> > read permission to new objects? 
> > 
> > 
> in house apps running out of /opt/<appname> and logging into
> /opt/<appname>/logs and are running as user <appname>
> need to have world read on /opt/<appname>/logs
> when permissions are 'manually' set when the app is redeployed it
> seems that the world read is removed (i am investigating why this is)

If it is the permissions on the directory that are the problem, then you
may be able to change the owner of the logs directory and then give the
application rw permissions.  That way the application will be able to
write its logs, but would not be able to change permissions on the


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