[CentOS] OT: Making BT/Yahoo account accessible to plain router

John Bowden j-alan at btconnect.com
Wed Jul 23 09:43:51 UTC 2008

On Sunday 22 June 2008 09:42:31 Anne Wilson wrote:
> My daughter has a BT account, with a BT supplied single-port router.  I'd
> like to replace it with a standard router, but the settings appear to be
> totally hidden.  If anyone reading uses BT, could you please tell me where
> to find the info?  Maybe off-list, to save bandwidth for others/  Thanks
> Anne
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Hi Anne.
Is it a "2wire" wireless router? If so try 
Thats the system summery page.
If not try or or
If none of those find it let us know what model / make it is and I will find 
and down load the user manual for it.

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