[CentOS] How to get additional packages? How secure is Yum?

Manuel Reimer Manuel.Reimer at gmx.de
Wed Jul 23 15:11:44 UTC 2008

"nate" wrote:
> Security is pretty important for me too. For this, and other reasons
> I never point yum to 3rd party repositories. I only run CentOS/RHEL
> on servers. I run Debian on desktops(due to larger package selection
> and still long release cycles for stable). And usually Ubuntu on
> laptops(for more current hardware support).

Debian? Didn't they have a *pretty* dangerous hold in their SSL packages just some weeks ago?

Especially if it gets to security, I don't think that Debian is a good solution. AFAIR they also got their servers hacked several times for several different reasons. Not very trustworthy, IMHO. And those political discussions *suck*! For example I want "Firefox" and *not* "Iceweasel".

> If security is a top priority, and you really want to use CentOS/RHEL,
> then don't use 3rd party packages, period. Otherwise I suggest you
> find a distro that supports the applications you wish to run directly
> or maintain them yourself.

I'm searching for a distribution for several *months* now and so far I couldn't find something that fits my needs...

CentOS seems to be pretty well done, but the amount of packages that is delivered with it definetly doesn't fit all needs. Today, I tried to set up a server with CentOS (VMWare server). Worked pretty well, but for installing the NTFS driver, I had to import the rpmforge repository...

> And of course security/stability rarely means having the latest version.

Of course.

Am I on the right list? Not very much answers, so far...


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