[CentOS] NFS V4?

Jens Larsson jens at nsc.liu.se
Wed Jul 23 19:03:47 UTC 2008

> Well, I definitely understand a couple of things better than when we
> started.  Thank you very much!
> It is not, however, working.  Is that likely to be the "domain=" setting,
> given what I said above?

The "domain" in NFSv4-speak has nothing to do with DNS. It _can_ be you 
DNS-domainname but it can be anything as long as client and server agrees. 
If they disagree you can still mount, but all files will be owned by 
Nobody-User and Nobody-Group if I remember correctly.

> I'll try constructing a "standard" /export and set things up more exactly
> that way and see if anything changes.
> But the errors I'm getting tend to be like:
> [ddb at host00 ~]$ sudo mount host01:/ddb /mnt/ddb -t nfs4 -o
> rw,hard,intr,proto=tcp,port=22049
> mount: mount to NFS server 'host01' failed: System Error: Connection refused.

Shield up, Scotty! 

Looks like a firewall issue to me. Do you allow incoming traffic to port 

Can you mount over NFSv3? 


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