[CentOS] Re: POOR: results using 'dig +short porttest.dns-oarc.net TXT'

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Thu Jul 24 21:39:33 UTC 2008

on 7-24-2008 2:24 PM Larry Vaden spake the following:
> What are the likely cockpit errors involved when getting POOR results
> when running this test on an updated CentOS 5.2?
> Kind regards/ldv
> [root at shell ~]# dig +short porttest.dns-oarc.net TXT
> z.y.x.w.v.u.t.s.r.q.p.o.n.m.l.k.j.i.h.g.f.e.d.c.b.a.pt.dns-oarc.net.
> "a.b.c.d is POOR: 26 queries in 1.3 seconds from 1 ports with std dev 0.00"
Having a listen port defined in the config or running named with a "-p {port}" 
will do it.

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