[CentOS] smartd on RAID controllers?

Robert - elists lists07 at abbacomm.net
Sun Jul 27 15:35:24 UTC 2008

> /dev/sda is the virtual disk as it appears to CentOS as I can access it
> with hdparm.
> Do I need to use another device for the RAID array (which?) or is it
> impossible to smart monitor "thru" a RAID controller?
> Kai


Shouldn't there be another "layer" ?

Is this a real hardware raid controller?

I do not remember the specifics, yet when we did this on HP proliant boxes
with hardware raid, we had to play with the config files and setup for the
raid *drivers* so to speak

On old boxes with raid5 we would be monitoring something like


And on newer boxes with raid1 or raid5 we would be monitoring something like


 - rh

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