[CentOS] Shell script - ping

Laurence Alexander Hurst L.A.Hurst at lboro.ac.uk
Mon Jul 28 11:57:19 UTC 2008

Gopinath Achari wrote:
> hi,
> 		how to write a scripts which launches 10 pings to different
> destinations at execution of single shell scripts
> please help me any ideas
> regards,
> Gopinath
Do you mean something like:
ping -c10 host1
ping -c10 host2
which will ping host1 10 times, then host2 10 times etc. (see `man ping` 
for details of the options).

If you have a list of hosts in a file, you could do:
for host in `cat [filename]`
	ping -c10 $host


while read host
	ping -c10 $host
done << [filename]

If you only want to ping each host once, you can substitute '-c10' with 
'-c1' (again, see the man page).

Hope this helps

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