[CentOS] Re: Duplicate PV on HW RAID?

Ross S. W. Walker RWalker at medallion.com
Mon Jul 28 22:03:28 UTC 2008

Scott Silva wrote:
> on 7-28-2008 2:30 PM D Steward spake the following:
> >> Re-install with software RAID1.
> >>
> >> RAID1 is cheap as far as CPU/IO time is concerned so it works
> >> well software wise, and you get email alerts if it gets
> >> degraded!
> > 
> > I agree with you re. CPU load, but what about hot-swap and auto
> > rebuilding of arrays?
> > Does software RAID give you this?
> Maybe not hot-swap yet -- I think it is in the works, but you 
> can have hot-spares that function very well.
> But fakeraid doesn't do most of that either, and an ICH9 
> controller is fakeraid.


I've tested hot swap and it works if the hardware says it can
hot swap.

I don't know about unplugging a SATA cable while it's running
and sticking in another, but you can try it on a desktop
system, I don't see why it wouldn't work.


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