[CentOS] Xdefaults file.

James B. Byrne byrnejb at harte-lyne.ca
Tue Jul 29 15:37:54 UTC 2008

I am trying to get my xterm window under gnome to open with large fonts,
with light green foreground and dark green background.  I have the
following .Xdefaults file contents:

$ cat .Xdefaults
! This is a comment ;-)

#ifdef COLOR
 *customization: -color

!! Let's cast a wide net, for any app supporting these
! Blink instead of beeping
*visualBell: True
*scrollTtyOutput: False
*scrollKey:       True

XTerm*saveLines:    1500
! Do not clear the screen after the program exits
XTerm*VT100*titeInhibit: true

! Enable soft cut and paste
XTerm*VT100.translations: #override \
      : select-end(PRIMARY, CLIPBOARD, CUT_BUFFER0)

! Fix up xterm's keybindings
xterm*VT100.translations:       #override \
       <Key>BackSpace:    string(0x7F) \n\
       <Key>Insert:       string(0x1b) string("[2~")\n\
       <Key>Delete:       string(0x1b) string("[3~")\n\
       <Key>Home:         string(0x1b) string("[1~")\n\
       <Key>End:                string(0x1b) string("[4~")\n\
       <Key>Page_Up:      string(0x1b) string("[5~")\n\
       <Key>Page_Down:    string(0x1b) string("[6~")\n\
       <KeyPress>Prior:   scroll-back(1,page)\n\
       <KeyPress>Next:    scroll-forw(1,page)

! Set xterm defaults
Xterm*background:   darkgreen
Xterm*foreground:   lightgreen

Xterm*font:         9x15


At some point I had the colours displaying correctly but I could not get
the default font to change to large.  In an attempt to get Xterm to use
the above file I ran the command:

$ xrdb ~/.Xdefaults

Now when xterm opens I have a black on white display with tiny fonts.  I
have to use Xterm in a specific instance because the version of gnome
terminal that ships with CentOS-5 breaks vt102 emulation horribly. I have
already spent way too much time trying to get Xterm and Xdefaults to work
together as they should. I do not understand what it is that I am missing
or doing wrong.  Can somebody please point out what is wrong with my

I have already read, and reread, the man page.


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