[CentOS] Updated bind marked as vulnerable

Glenn centos at 1bigadmin.biz
Wed Jul 30 18:44:58 UTC 2008

At 02:08 PM 7/30/2008, you wrote:
>I have a Centos 4.6 machine that even tough has been updated with 
>the latest bind 9.2.4-28.0.1.el4 is marked as vulnerable by 
>I have another machine which also uses that same distro and is not.
>Do I have to do any other update?


Big discussion on this group two weeks ago. Most likely, your problem 
is this line in /etc/named.conf:
  query-source address * port 53;
Remove that and retest.

However, be forewarned that it could cause problems with restarting 
named.. in which case, do not delete the line, just comment it, then 
uncomment if you get into trouble and reconsult the archives. That 
problem was resolved late week before last or early last week too.

If you want some better advice, post your errors.

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