[CentOS] Widescreen monitor won't configure to a wide screen - SOLVED

admin mick at mjhall.org
Thu Jul 31 10:10:35 UTC 2008

> Yes ... there are 2 places to set this, one is controlled by the 
> resolution setting the other is controlled by the Display setting. They 
> are at "System => Preferences => Screen Resolution" and "System => 
> Administration => Display" in the Main Menu.

I had an identical problem at work yesterday with a brand new Samsung 
2243BW 22" LCD monitor (1680x1050), using CentOS 5.1.

No matter what combination of things I tried at the two locations above, 
or in xorg.conf, I couldn't get the resolution right, the screen was 
obviously "stretched" horizontally and the fonts fuzzy.

Since I mostly write code in a console, I eventually just replaced the 
monitor with the original and got back to work :-)


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