[CentOS] Re: ISC dhcpd and Vista clients

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Thu Jul 31 19:41:50 UTC 2008

on 7-31-2008 12:24 PM Tim Utschig spake the following:
> On 07/31/08 12:02, Scott Silva wrote:
>> The other answer is to get ISC dhcpd to honor the broadcast flag, and 
>> broadcast all packets instead of unicasting the answer packets. That I 
>> can't find a setting for.
> I have no Vista clients to test with, but have you tried 
> "always-broadcast on;" ?
>  From "man dhcpd.conf" on CentOS 5.2:
>     always-broadcast flag;
>     The  DHCP and BOOTP protocols both require DHCP and BOOTP clients
>     to set the broadcast bit in  the  flags  field  of  the  BOOTP
>     message header.   Unfortunately, some DHCP and BOOTP clients do
>     not do this, and therefore may not receive responses from the
>     DHCP server.    The DHCP server can be made to always broadcast
>     its responses to clients by setting this flag to 'on' for the
>     relevant scope; relevant scopes would be inside a conditional
>     statement, as a parameter for a class, or as a parameter for a
>     host declaration.   To avoid creating excess broadcast  traffic
>     on  your network, we recommend that you restrict the use of this
>     option to as few clients as possible.   For example, the
>     Microsoft DHCP client is known not to have this problem, as are
>     the OpenTransport and ISC DHCP clients.
SO... I have to flood my network with broadcast traffic or pay the microsoft 
extortion... Bill strikes again!

Thanks for that. I had been reading the dhcp man page (I should say book! What 
a long one.) I guess I missed that. I'll have to set any Vista clients to 
named hosts so I can limit the traffic.

According to that man page, ISC implies that Vista is broken, and Microsoft 
implies that ISC is broken. Were playing the blame game again!

How fun!  ;-P

And I thought it was going to get boring...

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You hope everybody uses it, and
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