[CentOS] Port Closing Question..

Ryan Nichols rnichols430 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 21:33:08 UTC 2008

Ross S. W. Walker wrote:
> Ryan Nichols wrote:
>> Is there a software avail or a process that will monitor two ports and 
>> if there is no traffic close them so the program that is using them can 
>> reuse them?  I talked to the vendor and they told me I needed to do this 
>> on the NAT/Firewall , but I dont see anything like that on my router. So 
>> any suggestions ideas?
> Can you elaborate some more on the application in question and the
> problem you are experiencing.
> Typically network applications reuse the ports they are registered
> on, and if they didn't the only way to reuse them would be to kill
> and restart the process, so it may be that that isn't the problem
> after all, but more information is needed.
> -Ross
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  This error will occur when the TCP connection between the Backup 
Server and Replication server is closed prematurely by an external force 
when the replication is in progress. The replication for the jobs will 
fail and in the StoreGrid replication server, the socket connection 
remains open and the replication server thinks that the replication job 
is still running. Please check if there are open socket connections from 
the backup server in the replication server.
  In the next replication schedule, the application will try to reset 
the active status in the replication server. If the resetting of the 
replication active status completes successfully, then the backup server 
will continue the replication. In the subsequent schedule the active 
replication status will be reset and Backup Server should proceed 
replication without any issue.
  In the current version , you can workaround this issue by setting the 
idle socket timeout value in the replication server's NAT/router 
setting. By doing this, the backup server idle socket connections will 
be automatically closed by the replication server's NAT/router. 
Currently there is no socket timeout value for the idle sockets in the 
replication server. We do have plans to do this in our future release.
  As a workaround, please try restarting the replication Server once and 
see if still the replication is in progres

-Thats a quote from the tech support folks.. So every 12-14hrs I go into 
my replication server, shut down the services and restart them after the 
netstat shows the ports are closed.. and we carry on..

Ryan Nichols

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