[CentOS] out of memory

nate centos at linuxpowered.net
Thu Jul 31 22:08:16 UTC 2008

Craig White wrote:

> Yeah, I have some users who despite my occasional begging to get them to
> shut down or at least log off, simply don't.

While it can be done with grep I like the slay command, I don't think
it's available in RHEL

       slay - kill all processes belonging to a user

       slay [-signal] name [name...]

       Slay sends given signal (KILL by default) to all processes belonging
to user(s) given on the command line.  When called without arguments
it dis-
       plays short help.

       You can use -clean as a signal name, in that case a "clean kill" is
done, that is processes are first sent TERM signal and after 10
seconds those
       that haven't terminated yet are killed with KILL


       /etc/slay_mode - contains keywords describing the mode slay works in,
separated by newlines:

       mean turns mean mode on. In mean mode attempts to slay people without
root priviledges are punished. This is the default.

       nice turns mean mode off.

       butthead switched slay to Butt-head messages mode.

       normal switches slay to normal messages mode. This is the default.

       You can only use one of mean/nice keywords and one of butthead/normal



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